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  • I got this laser and it was really really bright. No way this is only 5 mW. More like several hundreds of mW.

    It was drawing about 400 mA at 4 volts so it is drawing 1,6 W. It had a weary clearly visible beam and i could see the dot clearly many hundreds of meters away.

    I guess mine must have been set at the max power when i got it then. And i guess that keeping it on this setting will shorten the life on it significantly?

  • The user manual say “maximum input voltage” 400V. So can i really probe my 230 VAC mains whit this scope directly? Or is it just that it will not be destroyed by it but do not have the scale to measure it?

    Because the “vertical sensitivity” say only 2mV/div - 10V/div and that to me look like only a maximum of 80 volts that fit on the screen (8 divisions vertical)

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