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I'm an Audio / Electronics engineer.

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University of Hartford '11


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Audio equipment, general electronic gadgetry...



  • Proton?

  • Is it safe to assume the Teensy 3.1 could handle driving this?

  • Thanks Mike! I should learn by now not to underestimate the peculiarities of working with class D amps. But the ADC option sounds promising - I'm not looking for super high fidelity, so maybe even a ┬ÁC ADC would do the trick! And don't worry, I haven't forgotten my Nyquist theorem! I'd just have to figure out how to get a reasonably fast sampling rate out of an Arduino or something...I'm hoping to avoid a standalone ADC.

  • This is probably a stupid question, but could I take the PWM output of this amp (with suitably reduced gain, as needed) and feed it directly to an XBee >> XBee >> Speaker type setup, or (ignoring other probable issues) are the XBee data rates too slow?

  • The datasheet mentions these are useful for audio signal switching, but the ~3v supply maximum definitely limits your useable signal level. Is there any way around that without sacrificing audio quality? Or is there perhaps a similar IC with a higher V+ rating?

  • Would this be capable of driving a pair of headphones? Nothing massive, but probably in the usual 16-32 ohm range. And yes, mono is fine...

  • You're also paying for the fancy cardboard box. So, think of it as a $2.25 dispenser I guess?

  • I may be oversimplifying the issue(s) here, but how about this?

    That way you get to keep your spiffy gear logo, and resemble but be legally distinct from OSI, to paraphrase a certain popular cartoon series.

  • That's awesome - I second this.

  • So, I'm envisioning hooking the RGB pins up to PWM outputs on an Arduino (i.e., one each) to do a bit of color mixing. What I'm wondering is if I could then stick a pot, namely COM-11173, between GND and pin 15 of the LCD to get a sort of rudimentary 'master' brightness control. Any thoughts?

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