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  • I'm complaining once again about the documentation (yes, I read the reply to my previous post, but that was for a related but different issue). The schematics are incorrect and out of sync with the illustration in the Hookup Guide. The Hookup Guide is correct, as far as I can tell. Specific issues: -- D8 has no analog function -- D9 seems to connect to analog 8 -- A10 is on D12 and is marked as not used -- The PDF schematic is V13B, yet the Eagle .sch file is V13a It's important to me because I am modelling this module in Proteus VSM (Labcenter Electronics) based on their Leonardo simulation model. It seems to work fine but I'd rather be sure that I got it right. I am using it for a class project where my students are embedding the module to monitor voltage, current and temperature in a linear power supply. Thanks

  • The V1.3B (Pro_Micro_v13b.pdf) schematic identifies D9 shared with A8, but the Hookup Guide shows D9 shared with A9, and D8 shared with A8. There is no A9 on the schematic. Can anyone help clear up the confusion please? Thanks

  • The schematic linked from the product page and the one from the Hookup Guide are different. The one from the product page seems to be the most recent and appears to be correct, whereas the Hookup Guide version is V1.1 (that schematic has no real revision number and the date is not set). The big difference is how the SPI pins (SCK, MOSI, MISO and SS) are used. In both schematics, the pin diagram for JP6 and JP7 are identical (and correct).

  • What is the type of the USB connector? There are several types of the mini and micro. Thanks