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  • Hi all. I am using this one outside where it is normal with subzero temperatures. When it gets colder than around 1 degree celcius, the sensor starts to be i accurate. It shows temperatures that is higher than it really is. Right now it is -8. My sensor shows -2. Any experiences? I have The sensor is connected to a breadboard-arduino uno - usb to pc.

  • Hi. I use this sensor to determine if the lights are on or off in a small storage. If the values get below a certain point, it means the lights are off. And vice versa. When lights are turned on/off during the night, a mail is sent. Sometimes the value from the sensors drops even thou the lights are the same. Triggering a mail alert. This happens about every minute or so. Typically when the lights are on, the value should be 110-115. Dark is below 15. I started to log the values, and I get this: 114-113-115-9-114-113..... Why is the value dropping every now and then?

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