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  • I want to use this sensor to sense air pressure and activate a small motor to equalize pressure of a small bottle. Any suitable microcontroller with I2C I can use with it ? Please advise.

  • Hi has anyone used this with the 9-DOF IMU ? Hope it gives more robust connection than the Bluetooth Mate.

  • Hi I need it wireless so I tried out using the bluetooth mate gold as instructed in the tutorial. However as stated in the tutorial using bluetooth with this IMU is not 100%, and I experienced the connection breaking quite often. So I am thinking of using wi-fi or Xbee. I noticed that on the Xbee breakout board (BOB-08276) and also on the Xbee Explorer USB (WRL-08687) there is no TXO and RXI but there are DIN and DOUT. Are TXO == DOUT, DIN== RXI ? Anyone use these Xbee interface with this IMU ?

  • Hi has anyone encountered the problem with the Bluetooth mate gold disconnected after a short while ? I connected the IMU to a Bluetooth mate gold as instructed in the tutorial, ran the Arduino 1.0.3, the green light on the bluetooth mate turned on and the streaming of data only lasted a few seconds. It then hang and the red light on the bluetooth mate started blinking. I have tried out two sets and the result is the same.

  • Hi anyone has created C++ code for this IMU in MS Visual Studio 2010 project? The supplied C++ code was for LINUX and there are quite a lot of differences.

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