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  • The “bizzare form of nerd torture” is not over. My shopping cart had been full for 6 months(since immediately after my last order) waiting till I could afford these wonderful gizmos. I was up all night before free day unable to sleep from excitement, one of the masses in the #sparkfun channel. I hit F5 only every 2 minutes so as to avoid unnecessarily straining the server while staying in the hunt. For the first time, checkout screen appears. I click “try for free day”. Blank page, F5F5F5F5, too late. Place my order anyway, rent can wait this month. Today I come home from school and check the tracking #. Yaaaay! I have a lovely picture of the red box sitting in my apartment’s mailbox. Unfortunately that is all I have because it is wedged so tightly behind the lip at the opening of the box that I can’t get it out. AAARGH! So close yet so far away.

  • You mention the EM408 has a dual antenna capability. Does this mean it can process the location of each antenna simultaneously and independantly? That sounds like a good use for those 50 channels beyond marketing hype. Or 20 in this case. I need to determine orientation (heading) independently of heading (course over ground). I figured independant antennas a couple meters apart would do the trick. One in bow, one in stern. Course over ground would be the position of 1 antenna integrated over time. Orientation would be the instantaneous position of bow relative to stern. Is this doable in 1 unit using differential correction or some other method or do I need 2 full units? Reason for need, I want to know after drifting sideways for hours while fishing, which island is that off my bow without having to start the motor and move a little in that direction to get the arrow oriented correctly. Also, I’m building a robot that would like to know.

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