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  • hi, it´s been 8 months since the last update on the Github library, I bought 5 of these 4 months ago and still no news on one of the main features ... NO BLE support.

    When is it going to be available via Arduino libraries provided by developer (you guys) ? Because I still feel like I was ripped of with a product that doesn't provide what it promised ... BLE + WIFI Support.

  • Biggest problem is that the battery block BLOCKS the 70 pin connector ... meaning that you can't do a simple portable pong arcade. Perhaps issue could be solved placing a smaller batter on each side of the pcb.

  • Did you find charger specs?

  • Honestly ... a U.FL connector is something big that has been missing on these kind of dev boards.

  • Do you have any document that verifies this? If so I think Sparkfun should include this on item descriptions before you buy them...

  • Comparison is OK if you take into account the raspberrypi Zero model which costs U$D 5.

  • Can this block be used in order to extend the internal 4GB of space for programs?

    My problem is that I want to install many python libraries from other projects being used with my pi2 :S

  • HI everyone, are there any plans for realeasing something that includes GPS ? I'm currently developing quads and something like this would be awesome. I know that I can buy the arduino compatible and use them to save time, but something that is ready to fly saves both space and weight for microcopters (less than 500 grams).

    Also, I understand from the specs that this little baby can possibly run OpenCV (3dr seems to be doing it) would you recommend then to use the block-base for the USB support?


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