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  • Connectors are incompatible with all the el wire I've ever used/purchased, so needs a load of adapters making.

    The regulator will not deliver anywhere near 1.5A - this regulator is rated at 500mA.!!

    Slightly better than the old board (which really was a pile of cr*p) but not much.

  • Thanks for the info ... I've just left the Xbee in software serial and its fine. Programming seems ok( if its not connected to hardware serial as you state) I've also discovered that the 'power' switch does not seem to completely isolate the power in. Thats not good.

  • What is the deal with the Xbee hardware/software serial port on this board? I seem to be able to use an Xbee in software mode ok, but when switched to hardware( as the doc. says is the best mode) it does nothing. The board cannot be programmed either in this mode, so I assume the USB serial is diasabled?

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