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  • What’s the maximum supply voltage for this LED strip? The data sheet just says “12 VDC” without giving a range or tolerance. My unregulated 12 VDC supply might put out between 11 VDC - 15 VDC. Will this damage the LEDs?

  • I entered a robot in the AVC 2010 (see http://www.bluerwhite.org/tag/robot/), and my experience with the GPS is consistent with these findings.
    I used the latitude and longitude from the GPS, a LS20031, for position, and a magnetic compass for heading. I did not use any other sensors for position or heading. I found that the GPS did not provide useful heading at the robot’s slow speeds. I found that the GPS position was usually pretty good but subject to noticeable drift between runs and days. I had occasional loss of GPS fix.
    Overall, I was pleased with the GPS, but I don’t believe the GPS alone is adequate for the fairly precise navigation necessary for the AVC. Next year, I’ll have additional sensors to complement the GPS.

  • There are more details on BlueBot at http://www.bluerwhite.org/tag/sparkfun/.
    Let me know if you have questions! BlueBot will be back next year.

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