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  • Yup this was so helpful :) thank you so much xD. I think I might write a comprehensive guide for those trying to do the same thing I did.

  • sir...thank you so much. I didn't realize it needed a common ground!!! why is this may I ask? I've spend two days looking into this!

  • This is really odd. Can you confirm my pins? Connection-wise how I am connecting the sparkfun cc3000 to the LPC1768:

    MOSI - > mbed p5

    MISO -> mbed p6

    SCK -> mbed p7

    CS -> mbed p8

    INT -> mbed p9

    EN -> mbed p10

    cc3000 wifi(p9, p10, p8, SPI(p5, p6, p7), "ssid", "password", WPA2, false);

    Power Supply-wise: I have a usb powering the mbed and providing serial output. I have a SEPARATE USB female breakout that ONLY provides power to the cc3000 module at 5v 1A. This should be more than enough power for the module. I have switched out my wires multiple times to make sure it isn't my wires that are causing the disconnect. Since I am getting serial readout, I doubt it's a connection issue, the problem is though when I turn on debugging only this appears:

    cc3000 Hello World demo. [CC3000 : HCI TX] Command Sent : 0x4000

    and it stops. Has this happened to you before? This is so weird because it works perfectly on an arduino uno

  • Has anyone gotten this to work with the mbed microcontroller? debugging doesnt work for me so I dont know why the module isnt connecting to the Access Point. Im pretty sure my pins are right and I have an external 5v power source supplying power to the module.

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