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  • Product BOB-11044 | about 8 months ago

    hi i am wondering if this would drive the sparkfun surface transducer (COM-10975) directly when powered via the 5V from a standard Arduino Uno. I’d like to use the Mozzi library on the Arduino to generate audio, which is output directly from one of the PWM pins on the UNO… just dont' want to have another power supply to deal with. The Uno would be powered using a standrd wall-wart kinda thing.

  • Product COM-10975 | about 2 years ago

    I would love to get a couple of these to review. I have worked with the Clark Synthesis Silver transducers, the Rolen Star transducers (both versions) and those cheap plastic bug shaped ones as well. I have tested them on a lot of different materials, including glass, wallboard, styrofoam insulation, MDF, foamcore and large sheets of plate steel (and likely some other materials I am not remembering). We have used various ways of coupling to surfaces (ie. screw mount, epoxy, double-sided adhesive tape and welded) I have used transducers in creating custom sound systems used in medium -sized gallery exhibits and live performances with 200 pound sheets of steel. We’ve done a lot of testing and would love to test these too. I’d be happy to publish the results as a comparison video if that would help folks here.
    I can even come by the SparkFun HQ to pick them up since I am local. Let me know!

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