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  • I'm interfacing this LCD with ATMEGA 32. Its been more than a week that I've been trying to get it right. All I get is the LED dimming effect. Here is my initialization code..

     RES=0;                     //RESET is pulled low.
     RES=1;                     //Reset is pulled high
     CE=0;                      //Chip Select.
     _delay_ms(1);                                       //Enables serial transmission.
     SPI_command_write(0x21);   //Active mode, Address increasing on horizontal line and extended instruction set to be used.
     SPI_command_write(0x13);   //Set voltage Bias System. n=4,1:48.CHECK.Optimum value selected.
     SPI_command_write(0xC0);   //Vop=5v.
     SPI_command_write(0x06);   //Temperature co-efficient of IC Selected. CHECK.
     SPI_command_write(0x20);   //Basic mode selected.Extended instruction set not used.
     SPI_command_write(0x0C);   //Display Results in normal mode.
     SPI_command_write(0x42);        //Yaddress
     SPI_command_write(0x85);        //Xaddress

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