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  • The thing that nobody seems to have asked about is: who owns the code you write? The code you HAVE to keep on the vendor's servers, that you have to entrust to their security and that you can only use with their tacit agreement (by keeping their servers available to the users & the devices). Also what happens to guarantee backwards / downwards software compatibility with the vendor's future development systems and bug fixes? Will I have to update my code every few months just because of some server update?

    I like the idea of a small, programmable wireless device but I think this one has too many limitations and needless restrictions. I'll wait for the Mk2 - though I have my doubts that the product will last long enough to get to maturity.

  • hot-air guns, matches, lighters? don't people use soldering irons any more?
    An iron is (IMHO) the best way to heat-shrink cable covers: it applies the heat just where it's needed and nowhere elso. The rubber of the heatshrink has a high enough melting point that it doesn't stick to the iron, nor does it melt to leave holes.
    So far as removing ICs goes, some 30+ years ago I made a DIY IC remover out of a piece of small-bore copper tube. It's similar to the Antex desoldering bits, and has a tube that fits over the heating element of the iron and a flattened section of tube, which is the right size and shape to fit between all the pins of a DIP16 IC, to heat them all up simultaneously - works great and cost pennies.

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