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  • Is there any demo sketch for using this shield as an access point running a web server? I had no luck adapting the examples delivered with the SparkFunESP8266WiFi Library.

  • Hi Taylor, thanks for your reply, my calibration words are like this:

    Displaying concatenated calibration words
    dig_T1, uint16: 28196
    dig_T2, int16: 26476
    dig_T3, int16: 50
    dig_P1, uint16: 37109
    dig_P2, int16: -10699
    dig_P3, int16: 3024
    dig_P4, int16: 5537
    dig_P5, int16: 2
    dig_P6, int16: -7
    dig_P7, int16: 9900
    dig_P8, int16: -10230
    dig_P9, int16: 4285
    dig_H1, uint8: 75
    dig_H2, int16: 352
    dig_H3, uint8: 0
    dig_H4, int16: 344
    dig_H5, int16: 0
    dig_H6, uint8: 30

    Today the temp is only about 2,5 degrees too high (measured with a DHT11 and a MPL3115A2) and altitude about 110m too low. Very strange. I just removed all other components from the breadboard, but still the same...

  • I got this breakout board (from a reseller in Germany) but all values are way off. Even the temperature shown by the BME280 is about 3 degrees Celsius higher than the real temperature and altitude is about 130 metres to low. Is there any calibration necessary before first use? I could not find any method for this in the library.

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