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  • What resonator, PNP and value of trim pot are you using? The schematic doesn't say.

  • "Shaft - Solid (Stainless)." Didn't know Sparkfun was that kinky... ;-)

  • Please make more of those. Unfortunately it's impossible to get the 1/8" snap flow/loc-line hoses in the EU. If anyone knows an online shop that sells the SMALL 1/8" hoses please let me know. Elsewise I rely on you guys at sparkfun to sell the kit again!

  • I forgot:
    4.) Give every one who posted here a little gift on their next order. The will stop whining. Also they are the people who really care about you and won't resell.
    Are there really resellers? It's just sad an plain stupid.

  • I had a notion my tiny order would be overwhelmed by traffic. Also my guess of 10:39 AM was pretty good.
    Before I embark on a little constructive criticism (of which I am sure you heard enough by now) comes the more important praise: GREAT IDEA! Thank you guys! My order didn't make it but non the less I had the same chance as the others. THANK YUO SPARKFUN!
    Now don't let the following remarks get to you. You still did more then most other companies but I have to say:
    1.) Advertisement is good but real charity does without publicity
    2.) Organisation was poor. Why not make it a whole freeday, throw every order of that day in a lottery and give people who don't win the chance to take their order back. Maybe in advance by a checkbox or something.
    3.) Sell stuff for PBC fabrication ;-)
    Still greatfull you did it. Yeah, Sparkfun!

  • Hope the server will hold. I'm gonna get my share.

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