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  • XiG is awesome! I didn't use it in my setup because all the sensors are passive, but if you connect the xBee to an Arduino or other controller it makes networking those devices a snap.

  • You can do some interesting stuff with this. I used an X4 (big brother to the X2) and a bit of Python code to connect some xBee sensors to Pachube for data logging in the cloud.
    You can read a little bit about it here: Digi and Pachube fun
    Unfortunately it looks like my feed is down so I have some fixing to do :-(

  • Customers do care about those kinds of things, just like they care about "green" practices, your politics, the color shape and sizes of the boxes, marketing materials, image, the charities you do or don't donate to, etc. etc.
    They are part of the product. The mousetrap is only the practical part; lots of other, less tangible things are purchased along with the hardware.
    Employees care about those things and help you "Produce and sell this product at a profit". Better workplaces attract better employees (at least that's part of the idea), who work harder, smarter and build more innovative stuff.

  • A while a go I made this simple lamp using a blinkM module. Easy and cool.

  • Ohhhh... Cant wait for snow!
    Too bad it's gonna be rain when that system gets to Minnesota. I think its rolling in right now, but its 57F so still rain, but the radar says these some snow to the west.
    Good days to hole up in my (as my kids call it) "mad scientist laboratory" and build some stuff. Lost 'o red boxes with interesting stuff in em...

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