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  • The resistor value is easy to measurer with a multi meter if you like really really like to know the value. Unfortunately I don’t have a 555 :( epic fail I know.
    And if I need a 50/50 duty cycle I use a resistor the same value as R1 in series with the discharge pin. But then your equations are not correct and you need to find the correct new ones.

  • I know the concepts personally I been feeding my butterflies hope and dreams and they are fine for 2 to 3 days but then they die on me. I thought it was their natural short life span now you are saying I killed them I am so sad now.

  • Only a small detail but micro-controllers don’t use magnetic storage as a standard desktop HDD. This means that you probably have better chance of success programming the flash cells of your micro-controllers with an electrical charge needle to change the charge in the flash cell.
    Maybe you could use the same needle to revive your butterflies.

  • They moved new product post to the 1 of April (April’s fool day) I don’t know of course but I small something fishy going on here :)

  • If I need some part from Microchip I just sample it then they will send you 3-5 depending on the part for free. Such a nice company :) Actually most chip manufacturer does this.

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