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  • “See LOOK I got proof the Arduino is part of a global government mind control experiment. Just look here at my wall of charts. No? Ah right you’re busy. Ok then maybe later.”

  • I had got a few of these to try and work with my HID ProxPoint Plus reader, and so far no go. I do not see any information saying that the ProxPoint works with EM4001 cards. The MiniProx will fall into this category.

  • I ran the set I got under x-ray. They all look the same, so i doubt that its just a mash of random chips.

  • Interesting find! I ordered a bunch as well. Assuming that I can get lab time (likely cause I goto RIT), I’ll be taking them to RIT CEMA (Rochester Institute of Technology Center for Electronic Manufacturing & Assembly) on Monday and will do them up with the X-ray and get a top-down cross-section (I have a bunch of slugs so I’m not worried on failing). I’ll also see if I can get one in fuming nitric (unlikely but there is hope) and get any info off the dice.
    I’m going to try an log as much ‘forensic’ information as I can while I am up here for the week. If all goes well I should be able to bang out a quick but graphical report.

  • Darn, no wirebonds I’m assuming either? There goes my hotplate idea. :P At least I got something to practice cross-sectioning on.

  • Hmm, tempting. Might have to order a couple and throw them in the X-ray on campus and see whats in them.

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