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  • Ok I hope this story helps someone... So for the past two weeks I've been trying to get my chips programmed (AVRs & 8052s) but to no avail. It kept saying something about unable to detect microcontroller. I tried four different programmers, home built and store bought, but nothing. Couple nights ago I remembered that when I built my Frankenputer last year I didn't enable the parallel port in the bios thinking "who uses those anymore?" yeah... Opps! But my sever pain in the neck came when I couldn't get back into the bios to turn it on. Why? Still not completely sure but I think it had something to do with me over clocking the thermal snot out of my CPU. So anywho, I had to reset the bios so I could get into the bios, and then turn on the parallel port. All is well now and my blood pressure is back within a healthy range. Moral of the story... Make sure your parallel port is enabled in the bios before the urge to chuck heavy objects at your computer sets in...

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