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  • The Paro robot seal was invented by "The Simpsons" in the episode "Replaceable you" where Bart creates it for his science fair project. The robots however end up attacking people. I am not sure if the inventor of the Paro saw the Simpsons episode or the writer for the Simpsons saw the Paro, but either way it's pretty damn funny.

  • Can I just confirm that you can use A2DP AND SPP at the same time? I have a plan to make an animated Teddy using a serial servo controller. This would let me give that Teddy a voice and be wireless! A remote laptop could control the Teddy and hook into the internet for amazing AI. Hours of fun. Also, using it as a hands free Teddy phone would be amusing :)

  • It looks as though this has a serial input, and anything sent via serial is relayed as a keyboard press? Or does this have a special 2 way protocol over the serial line?

  • Nowhere can I find the type of sensor, is it CCD or CMOS?

    I want a global shutted NOT rolling shutter, there are hundreds of cheap CMOS spy cams, the only reason for buying this is if it's CCD.

    PLEASE tell me it's CCD...

  • And as Quazar said, I wonder what the DC ratings are...

  • I swear my entire childhood was built using these.
    How many toys did I dismantle and remove them from? I cannot remember. Looks like its the exact same shape!
    Just the little plastic gears missing :p

  • When you make this work with my 1999 A-Class Diesel (Merc custom codes but OBDII connector) I will buy it.
    I have a range of OBDII stuff I have bought trying to get this car talking, none work so far. The ELM chips can't handle Merc language.

  • Whoa, Who can complain about that power output!
    "5V @ 600A max"
    Who needs 1 measly amp when this does 600!
    :p Love the typo guys, was that seriously to correct another mistake?!
    Also, why didnt you launch this BEFORE I spent my Freeday coupon!

  • Any chance of telling us what form of encryption this supports?
    Wep? WPA? WPA2? WPA Enterprise?

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