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  • I have a basic question about how the GSM/GPRS providers charge for data usage. If I do the SDATACONF,SDATASTART and SDATASEND of data do I get charged only for the data sent in the SDATASEND or do I get charged for all the the data going back and forth that is used to build the TCP/IP connection as well as the 1460 character buffer in a tcp/ip packet? I want to build an arduino based GPS GPRS tracker and it would be quite expensive if each time I reported location data I got charged for several thousand bytes instead of maybe 20 bytes

  • 1-What the flashing light for?? Sometimes it was solid and sometimes flashing..Didn’t seem to correlate to a fix 2- The SuperCap was quite hard to solder in. Didn’t know if the negative solder should touch the rim of the supercap or just the foot 3-for $50 you would think it could have been attached to a shield or some kind of anchor 4-bought a similar looking magnetic antenna at cutedigi..seems to work but no feet like the SF one

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