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  • The USBee SX is the only comparable model to the Logic. The other USBee models have analog channels that make them oscilloscopes too and can do mixed signal analysis. No, the Logic does not monitor voltages in the analog sense, only digital highs and lows. You need a true analog channel to see that.
    Comparing the Logic to the USBee SX - they are pretty much the same - 8 bit 24Msps digital logic analyzers with protocol decoders. Most of the Logic features are included in the USBee Suite software (inline decoding, cool graphics, ease of use) and the clips and leads look identical. Both are tiny. The Logic has a cool case and is said have Linux/Mac support coming (by the end of January - late???), but the USBee has CAN, USB, I2S, PS2, SMBus, parallel and sync serial decoders as well as the common SPI, I2C, 1-Wire and Async. The USBee has the signal generator as well.
    For $10 less you get more with the USBee, IMHO. Plus it looks like they are actively developing the software.

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