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  • I was surprised to see you used the ESP32 for a wireless keypad application. While it has some nice features, low power was not one of them. For this application that would be top of the list. SparkFuns own Artemis module is an obvious better solution. Personally I would prefer to use an e-paper display instead of the keys so the overlays can be changed depending on the application your using. The number of buttons and functions as well as text output are endless. Battery level can be shown on display instead of a goofy led blink sequence. E-paper will keep the power down to low levels.

  • I have found that open source hardware and software market has been destroyed by those in foreign countries with cheap labor. They simply copy the open source hardware and software and compete with cheap pricing and zero support. In most cases they expect the open source community to support their products. There are dozens of examples of 3D printer parts and in some cases complete printer clones that get sales because the customer thinks cheaper is just as good because Amazon or Ebay carry it. The original company will not last long just supporting cheap clone knockoffs. Going close source with some proprietary technology will at least give them a fighting chance with the cheap clones.
    I don't blame them for trying to survive.

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