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  • Hi,
    Have successfully completed lectures 1,2,3. However, tried to run my app. with the parallel cable disconnected from computer and it wouldn't run. Why not? Which leads to the question - if you develop a device that actually accomplishes something useful, how does the atmega168 need to be wired once the parallel cable connectors are removed? I tried the datasheet to see if I could figure this out, but not a hope.

  • OK, my bad, I typed O instead of 0 into the command line. However, based on the data sheet for the atmega168, I used 0xEF for the low fuse byte, rather than the 0xE6 as stated in the tutorial. They both work, but the data sheet indicates that CKSEL3 needs to be 1. Any comments?

  • Everything has worked well up until trying to use avrdude to set the low fuse value to hex E6. avrdude reports that E6 is an invalid byte value for use in immediate mode. Any ideas anyone?

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