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  • While in college I flew with a group down to Texas for a competition carrying two robots as carry on. That was an interesting flight, especially the part where we ran through an airport to catch our next flight carrying a box with wires and batteries exposed. :)

  • Just in case, did you try the Internet Archive? They don’t have everything, but I’ve found lots of sites later where it saved me a headache.

  • For about the last 5 years, I’ve been planning to build a pantry specifically designed to track canned goods using barcodes to keep an inventory. The theory being when you get to the grocery store you have an app which polls your server and retrieves a database informing you what supplies you need to buy. The database would be automatically updated as you insert or remove food to save time. I haven’t designed it yet, but your system looks like a great complement to my plans. Looking forward to hearing more!

  • I gained two nieces in the last couple years, so I’ve learned a new perspective in several areas.

  • Have you considered placing the accelerometer into the blanket/pillow that she sleeps on, or just attaching it to the frame of the bed? I’m just curious if you could still find clear patterns in the data that would provide you with the same information about when she climbs in/out of the bed and such. It seems a little safer than sewing a lithium ion battery on her back :)

  • Thanks for the excellent write up. I appreciate the great explanation of the publish/subscribe design scheme which sounds exactly like what I need for my setup.

  • For me, nothing beats the robot in Treasure Planet. What an awesome quirky personality.

  • Same here! It gets used anywhere from the kitchen to the toolbox to the hardware workstation. The only problem is keeping track of it.

  • I was hoping it was specifically for state machines as well. I always draw them on paper and then end up reworking them so many times I wish I had a proper tool for the job.

  • Same here! Now if only I had been awake enough to see the $10 off coupon the email mentioned :)

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