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  • I purchased this to program some ATTiny2313s. However, I don't see how to program it with this programmer, as the socket on this cable does not match up with the pins on the ATTiny2313. How do I use this cable to program it? edit- sorry, looks like I got SOIC package ATTinys, which is new to me. My mistake.

  • Be careful if choosing this servo to use with an Arduino with the power supplied by the Arduino. I'm using an Arduino Uno and if I ask this thing to turn any faster than very slow, my Arduino will reset. I believe it's a power draw issue. It can run the "Sweep" program from the library okay, but you will not get it to turn quickly to any position without the Arduino resetting over and over and then freezing, and needing to be power reset. This happened with two of these servos, so I don't think it was just a fluke with one.

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