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  • I was slight puzzled by this at first - true the FT230X and the other X-family chips can output 3.3V max, however their inputs are 5V tolerant so it shouldn’t be a problem to interface them to a 5V ATMEGA328 for example. On checking our website and datasheet it seems this rather important fact has been obscured - I’ll get the team to fix this, oops! Kudos all for bringing this to my notice. One possible exception - if using the DTR# pin to pulse reset of a 5V MCU, Arduino style - in that configuration I’d recommend buffering that one signal to 5V level to ensure a clean reset. You’d need a FT231X in that case as the FT230X doesn’t bring out that signal. Thanks all… Fred Dart - FTDI

  • Thank you for your endorsement Robert, it’s nice to know that you like our product. The RedBoard is an excellent board - love the total SMT approach, I’ve ordered a few to have a play with. Fred Dart - FTDI

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