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  • hi there,

    i don't know if anyone else notice that and put a comment below i took this driver and i didn't notice that before VM1 & VM2 and motor GND1 & GND2 of both connected together not allowing to drive different VM motors and more important impossible to put current sensing on each motor how it can be possible a mistake like that ?? if an IC has different pins why do not allow the user to join them together if needed ?!?!?

    it's not the first time i notice this kind of mistakes on sparkfun production ...

    so in my case i have to cut wiring on the board OR buy a new one .....

    anyone has thoughts about it ?


  • hey !! anyone ?!?!?!


  • hi there,

    i'm writing you to understand something : 1_i need a gps to realize a wearable device, i just bought this one and i would like to be sure about which kind of configuration (in your opinion) i should use for have battery saving and good performances. To be more precise, i will use this for sport activity. 2_i would be grateful if some of you have some arduino sketch (or better an discovery ST program) to drive such GPS. It would be very fast for me to implement and run the GPS 3_the better way to connect it to have the best performance from it and battery savings at the same time.

    thank a lot folks


  • hi,

    i'm looking for an arduino sketch which is working on arduino due and with sensor fusion . can anyone help me ?



  • hi, i tryed to search in these comments a solution to not open another discussion and waste your time but i saw all the links below are giving me error

    i'm just looking for an "arduino due" sketch to use this MPU9150 .. i'm using something that is giving me "raw data" but i need something else with a calibration algorithm inside to have "real data" obviously if you have something with even sensors fusion 6 or 9 will be appreciate

    can anyone help me ?

    thanks a lot

  • i didn't read all the commets, but anyway i found out that in the library there is an error it's even easy to find out if you are going to decomment the line to print AC1 AC2 etc parameter, you will find out that is giving you unsigned results !!! instead, AC2 AC3 Mb Mc are signed ... and this is even enlighting because are too big numbers (in the examples AC2 is -934 and instead i got 64519 that is two's complemented !!!) please anyone knows how to fix it using this library? ore are you suggesting to write down the code from the biginning ? thanks

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