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  • I think the answer may be 'no' after snooping through the documents, but is this screen capable of varying degrees of value per pixel or is each pixel just on/off? I'm looking in to options for displaying spectrographs for a school project, so I'm looking to be able to show different shades of gray (err...blue?) at each pixel. If this board doesn't work, would anyone have recommendations? I don't need anything fancy (hence looking for black/white options).

  • Sorry, answered my own question. Here is a resource from the manufacturer for anyone else with the same question! http://www.rfduino.com/product/rfduino-android-application/

  • Does anybody know about this product's compatibility with Android? I see mention of iOS, but would this not work with Android? Is it just that there isn't much documentation/libraries/etc for Android, or would the hardware simply not work?

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