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  • Yes. LiPol batteries can be connected in parallel. This is commonly done in the hobby industry for electric flight.

    The charging circuit uses voltage to determine charge state so your penalty will of course be longer charge times because the charge current is limited by the charger chip.

    Just be sure that your batteries are in similar charge state when you make the connection AND they should be the SAME capacity so they get discharged equally quickly. Connecting a full battery in parallel with a drained one, may cause excess current flow between them as the voltage equalizes between them.

  • Yes, you can.
    Search for "arduino bit bang bootloader USB" for links to a Japanese site (geocities.jp) that has the details. (4 wires between USB & ICSP)
    This lets you burn a bootloader into the blank chip using a command line program.
    Kimio Koaka also wrote a shim program for the Arduino IDE that intercepts the IDE commands for bootloading and modifies them to use the FTDI bit bang USB pins to write the loader.
    KK also has some youtube vidoes on the topic.

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