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  • I assume you mean National Instruments.

  • Reminds me of my FIRST Robotics Team, “The Megahurts"

  • Any idea when these will be available again?

  • Nevermind, it got a good signal with the weather clearing up and the position is correct now.

  • I’m having a weird issue with this gps device. It is reporting back data to me continuously but the latitude and longitude are wrong. I tried it at my house and it was about 2 degrees off in longitude, and I’m here at my father’s now (about 6 hours north) and the longitude and latitude are the same as when I was at my home, although the digits after the decimal are changing. The time it is reporting is accurate. I tried shorting out the battery but no change. I do not have a good signal as it is raining out so I hope that is the issue. I don’t have the equipment necessary here to get any more data than the latitude,longitude,altitude and time and I can’t configure the gps here anyways. Anybody have any ideas why it would do this? (By the way, I’ve used it before, a few months ago and it worked great).

  • The holes drilled in the PCB are to close to the header holes, the screws included (when turned either way) will hit the header plastic if one is installed.

  • I couldn’t find this in the datasheet, but does this output pitch and roll tilt angles? Or just 1 tilt output?