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  • Also, how do you change the text mode from ROM Code: A00 to ROM Code: A02? I think this should be the one by default.

  • Whenever I change the brightness of any of the rgb fields I get the text "brightness 0%". Is there a way to easily disable this text on the lcd? Or do I have to reprogram it?

  • Sorry but this is not a "HAT":
    From: https://github.com/raspberrypi/hats "A board can only be called a HAT if:

    It conforms to the basic add-on board requirements It has a valid ID EEPROM (including vendor info, GPIO map and valid device tree information). It has a full size 40W GPIO connector. It follows the HAT mechanical specification It uses a GPIO connector that spaces the HAT between 10mm and 12mm from the Pi (i.e. uses spacers between 10mm and 12mm). If back powering via the GPIO connector the HAT must be able to supply a minimum of 1.3A continuously to the Pi (but ability to supply 2A continuously recommended)."

    No ID EEPROM, size is wrong, no mounting holes.

  • Is it possible for this module to spit out the raw IMU data on the I2C bus to another microcontroller and still allow the SAMD21 to control the IMU? Also is it possible to have 2 of these boards on the same I2C bus? I see that the AD0 pin should be set to VCC and will require changing the IMU address on the SAMD21 for each module.

  • I assume you mean National Instruments.

  • Reminds me of my FIRST Robotics Team, "The Megahurts"

  • Any idea when these will be available again?

  • Nevermind, it got a good signal with the weather clearing up and the position is correct now.

  • I'm having a weird issue with this gps device. It is reporting back data to me continuously but the latitude and longitude are wrong. I tried it at my house and it was about 2 degrees off in longitude, and I'm here at my father's now (about 6 hours north) and the longitude and latitude are the same as when I was at my home, although the digits after the decimal are changing. The time it is reporting is accurate. I tried shorting out the battery but no change. I do not have a good signal as it is raining out so I hope that is the issue. I don't have the equipment necessary here to get any more data than the latitude,longitude,altitude and time and I can't configure the gps here anyways. Anybody have any ideas why it would do this? (By the way, I've used it before, a few months ago and it worked great).

  • The holes drilled in the PCB are to close to the header holes, the screws included (when turned either way) will hit the header plastic if one is installed.