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  • I would hate to give up SparkFun brand to a corpobully but I would hate more to see SparkFun loose a lot of money and energy on this. Better put it into R&D.
    The saving grace is the (lack of) evidence of confusion (unless SPARCs will come with tons of people trying to buy Arduino from them).
    Is SPARC's aim to get SparcFun registered? Guess what, SparcFun.com domain's taken already.
    Propose a solution in a gradual matter as a show of good will, then fight as a last resort:
    1) "disambiguation" on the SparkFun.com (a link with explanation to SPARC on home page), if they will reject (which they most likely will) then
    2) you have no obligation to give up the domain name (except if they are willing to drop a few millions for it) you may have to cease using it though, rename sparkfun.com to something else like SparkFunIsNotSPARC.com (SFINS?)
    But IANAL...

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