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  • Sir, You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks very much for this info. Such a simple solution, and why wouldn't the people who sell this part make this info a priority?

    Most people would be using this with a diy bread boarded atmega burned with the arduino bootloader. (What else would we be doing with it?). You need to have that 100nf freaking capacitor installed there!

    I was about to throw this in the garbage. To further confuse things it has +3V printed on the 6 pin header, however it should say +5V (if you bought the +5V version!)

    Dear Sparkfun people could you please add this info to the product description of this item to save other customers from perhaps hours of wasted time?

    This seems to be a recurring issue with Sparkfun merchandise. A good company and good service, however you need to pick up the slack on some wrong product data, and info.

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