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  • Does anyone know where to get rubber baby buggy bumpers - i.e. the little rubber covers for these things? I would like a nice button to be flush with the surface of the box for my projects, but these seem to be custom, spend $5K in tooling sort of things out there. I would think that they should be a commodity type of item!

  • Just one question - How do ya’ll arrange your parts for placement? After I have stenciled the board, I end up taking the piece of tape, opening up the number of parts that I need to place and dump them on a spot on my static mat. I then pick them up and place them one by one. I can’t just pick them out of the tape, my tweezers are too big. Any better ideas for arranging your parts to make placement easier?

  • You keep an eye on it, and you can see as the past starts to melt and flow across the board. As soon as everything has melted, give it a few seconds, then remove the board from the skillet with the spatula. As long as you don’t jerk it around, it comes out pretty easily. I then put the next board on, and wait for it to melt and flow.
    Once I have things stenciled and placed, I can do a board every five minutes using the hot plate method.

  • Just my two cents…
    In my case, I had an approx. 2"x2" board I needed to solder. I had done some by hand, but it took a while, so I decided to try solder paste.
    I usually use a professional prototype metal stencil, like from Stencils Unlimited, as it is a little more reliable than just the plastic ones from Polulu. They don’t flex or shift as easily.
    For the actually soldering, I looked in the appliance graveyard and found an old hot plate, and from the cabinet, found an old skillet that had lost some of the teflon so I didn’t use it anymore. Took these out to the garage, and hooked them up.
    After stenciling and placing the boards, I start up the plate with the skillet on top. I give it a minute to preheat, then using an old barbeque spatula, gently place a board on the skillet. (the skillet is not exactly flat, so the best section is just in front of the handle… ;-) )

  • Simpat,
    The problem is that Avago is planning on discontinuing this line of products at some time in the future. No official announcement of end-of-life yet, but it may come as early as mid-year.

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