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Carbon based lifeform in the land of Ikea here. I love LEGO but not Minecraft. I guess that says a lot about me. I’m the analogue type of guy.

Know to much about things and too little about people. I tend to call them the little people cause they don’t know a thing or two like I do. Not like the general population. More like a general of the population.

  • Provided the circuit can handle it. One should be able to do bracing and jewelry work with it, seems almost too good to be true.

  • Tried to use this to hard solder some stuff, not enough heat, not even able to melt 1mm aluminium 5% mg mig wire with it. Will attempt to overdrive it with 36V to see if it gives the extra oomf it probably need. If not I’ll have to build a spot welder instead.

  • When will this be in stock again? It’s like a fundamental part of the hobbyist/DIY arsenal.

  • werd. Ninja edited that zener to a diode without saying early on.

  • Seems the basic resistors wasn’t enough to amplify the pickup output of my acoustic guitar to another transducer placed on the inside of it. Basically planning to use it as a budget amp run on battery.

    EDIT: works much better with two 5.1k resistors. But the 1W transducer I had was a bit to small. But it gave the reverb-echo-effect I was looking for. Great circuit!

    EDIT2: After some evaluation I can’t say I notice any real difference. It works when plugged in to a computer. But I barely get any effect using a pickup. Thinking I might need a preamp for the pickup.

    EDIT3: Duh. Just realized I’ve been driving it with 2x AAA which lands me at 2.4V. facepalm

  • Are these dishwasher safe?

  • Gnnh. I needed one that goes past 1700C for accurate temp measurement for melting titanium.

  • I imagine that green laser could be fun using with this. Adds a little more control of the beam so to say.

  • These have a perfect size for RPi and perm protoboards as well.

  • Something struck me the moments before I bought this, so I’m reaching out to see if anyone tried building a sinter with this instead of using a laser. Granted it might be a lot slower. But I’d feel safer with this than a laser, lol.

    Also, these 3d-pens should prove to be a nice challenge to hack to be able to swap the filament for weld solder or similar. I guess none made that hack yet either.

    Keep me posted if you do. I will surely look into it at some point. Everyone should need a miniature welder.

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