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  • Hi, in description you said " A short (3 inch) wire antenna is sufficient for "short" distances (up to 1 mile line-of-sight), but we've also included a u.FL antennae connector for potentially longer distances." daoes Anyone say which is the maximum distance he experience with this device?

  • Hi to all, I'm experiencing the same problem with arduino mega2560. Arduino UNO works great! Is there anyone couls help me? Paolo

  • Hi all! 've got my OpenLog and it works. I'm trying to drive it with a uM-FPU V3.1. If I send data from FPU to RX pin it's all ok, Openlog creates LOGxxxxx.txt files corerctly, but if I try to go in command mode sending 3 ctrl-z followed by new and/or append (filename.txt) command OpenLog doesn't create that file but write the sent command on the LOGxxxxx.txt. Is there someone working with uM-FPU and OpenLog that can help me? thanks

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