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  • Greg misunderstood the portion of his MBA curriculum which advocates organizational hierarchy. He also misread the notion of senior management having an "office with a vaio".

  • If I have coded cleaner, it is by squatting on the shoulders of Brian.

  • Do these crimpers work with the 1.25mm Molex Picoblade pins? It seems that there are not many good/cheap options for working with the Picoblades, so it would be wonderful if these worked.

    EDIT: I found a pin-compatibility chart from the manufacturer which includes the Molex Picoblade, but no mention elsewhere in forums about how easy/effective they are.

    Engineer PA-09 Pin Compatibility

  • Burt's failure as a technician paralleled his difficulties as a Viking. Despite persistent recommendations that he take a two-pronged approach to his problems, he always found himself putting all his parts in one bin.

  • I just posted a page describing my robot strategy this year - which proved to be remarkably unsuccessful.
    Project 240 AVC Summary
    I've also started compiling a table of some of the features of the ground robot entries in section 5.
    Ground Robot Comparison
    Could I ask for some details from your robot so I can add to the page?
    Who are the other team contacts for SparkFun teams?

  • AVC 2011 was spectacular, thanks again to the staff and competitors for an outstanding event.
    I gave up trying to get my robot working so I can enjoy watching the third heat. Several of the ground robot teams were willing to let me mount (fleetingly) my GoPro on their cars. Here's a video that shows some of the onboard footage - most notably from inside the gaping jaws of AV Saurus Rex:
    Onboard Video - Ground Races
    I also drove around manually during the mass start with onboard video:
    Onboard Video - Mass Start
    It is telling that many of the vehicles disappeared from frame quite quickly on the mass start. Next year I imagine it will no longer be possible to run behind and keep up with the fastest ground robots.

  • I have had the same issue with the high-pass filter on this breakout board and resolved it by soldering a jumper over C1 and C2 and removing R5 and R8, as suggested.
    Here is what my data looked like with the HP filter:
    Yaw Test WITH HP Filter
    This is from an R/C truck driven in a tight 360 degree circle then stopping. The yaw rate output initially captures the 150 deg/s rotation, but the magnitude decreases even as the vehicle continues to rotate at a nominally-fixed rate. Once the vehicle stops, the output increases by 150 deg/s sharply, then decays gradually to zero at the time constant of the high-pass filter.
    Conversely, this is data from a test of the gyro with the filter components removed:
    Yaw Test WITHOUT HP Filter
    The yaw rate output captures the nominally-constant rotation rate on the office chair and correctly shows zero rate after my shoes have finished scrubbing on the carpet.
    The traces seemed abnormally sensitive and I ended up lifting two pads and a trace. This is my first time doing so, despite quite a bit of re-work on various boards. I ripped off the trace from the yaw gyro output completely and soldered a jumper directly from the ST gyro pad to the far pad on C2.

  • Sorry, nothing magical happens. I just entered with my Free Day money and nothing amazing has happened - save for a Leprechaun who just rode past on a robotic unicorn who excretes rainbows each time he jumps.

  • I'm fascinated by the idea of sending in a multi-stage, part-dispersing rocket to self-compete in knowing violation of the established safety code.
    Last year, there was some talk of making a rocket-glider with four stages, where a stage was fired on each side of the building. This rocket glider could be a stubby-winged X-15-variant that concentrated more on speed and less on maximum CL. An alternative would be to use a pylon racer or even a dynamic-soaring sailplane, equipped with the four-booster stages. Both these aircraft have a huge capacity for pulling Gs (high CL) without much airspeed loss due to drag. If the vehicle is fast enough, there is no reason to bother with flying the four legs. Instead, it could be one large orbit around the building, with rockets firing at each 90 degree point.
    If you send in your robot to self-compete, please also provide a bucket of safety goggles.

  • I just posted a video of most of the ground robots in rounds 1 and 2:
    BlueBoonDock also posted quite a bit of video from the event, conveniently separating and labeling each run:

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