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  • Still having issues? When I connect the sensor to analog in, power/ground using 3.3V on my Arduino Uno, I get a mean reading of 512 on the analog in pin, which is half of VCC. I have also confirmed this to work on a barebones breadboarded Atmega168V running the Arduino bootloader. <br />
    <br />
    I get pretty good spread from the mean reading - if I'm yelling into the thing, I get crazy jumps in the data, the amplitude jumps +/- 1.65V.

  • I think 24 hour pre-heat means you need to "burn in" the sensor over a period of 24 hours.
    I'm using a 100kOhm pulldown and got values around 1020 at first, but after about 10 minutes of letting it run, I'm getting values around 840. It seems to be getting lower and lower over time. So I'd suggest letting it run overnight.

  • anybody know what the current draw on these are? trying to calculate power requirements...

  • also noticed you use TH connector for FTDI board, but in the schematic it's SMD.
    out of curiosity, what does the FIDUCIAL package's purpose, between TX and RX?

  • you should include the brackets as part of the partlist, here and in the tutorial. forgot to order these, bummer.

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