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  • Glenn and Nate are great engineers, but they are political and sociological twits. Remember how they were taken in by "Clock Boy"? Their ideology blinds them. Enjoy their work; ignore their political stupidity.

  • Thanks for your work on this. It is well-researched and plainly written. I'll be bookmarking it.

    I'm interested in state machines as well, because I used to design machine control systems and write Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) ladder programs, which are essentially big complex Mealy state machines. One of the most successful prison control companies uses industrial PLCs to control the states of all the prison doors. It's the best and most secure way to insure that the state never arises where a prisoner can go where they should not be.

    I think you're right in saying that most programs have state machines in them, whether intentional or not, and it's better to be intentional than haphazard. I'd like to suggest that every program with a menu or user-settable option has a state machine in it by definition, as are programs that use global memory as a method of signaling - such as signaling between interrupt routines.

    Thanks for showing us how to think about them, diagram them, and use them.

  • Abort, Retry, Fail?

  • Alina, I wonder if your reaction would have been the same if Barbie had solicited the help of females instead of males. Remember that you cannot influence the world to be sex-neutral unless you are sex-neutral yourself.

    Feminism doesn't balance chauvinism - its just the flip side of the same error. It's just tug-of-war on the other end of the rope. If the rope breaks in tug-of-war, both sides fall down, because neither side is standing up straight.

    The tech world is a meritocracy for the most part. Smarts and hard work pay off for males and females alike. I encourage you to ignore the male-female workplace struggle and just be a good engineer.

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