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  • A related interesting question is how many sales that might have been made during the past month were not made because people were holding off from ordering in anticipation of 'free day'... Sometimes referred to as "cannibalization"...

  • It was an interesting, albeit frustrating exercise... Some things that could have been done better include making the checkout process advance from one script to another, instead of the way that scripts such as checkout_shipping.php call themselves after the javascript validation passes - if you then time out, refreshing seems to put you back where you started, instead of advancing you to the next screen. Also, there was some confusion about what page you could start from - was it OK to advance past the "view cart" page before the 9:00 MST start time or not?
    Anyway, frustration aside, it gave me an opportunity to discover some products that I had not previously seen, which gave me some ideas for future projects, and that is a net "plus"...

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