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  • Nathan, Thanks for listening to my request (probably many, too)! :)

  • Wow! Amazing company! Awesome work guys/gals!
    BTW: I LOVE the org chart! You guys rule in every detail!

  • Thanks Emcee for clarifying that Bombillo is lightbulb in Spanish. :) Actually, I am from Colombia (South America) and my son was born here in California, where we live. :)

  • I loved this story. What I liked most is how he, without knowing much about electronics and programming, managed to pull the idea off. He was persistent and eager to learn. How nice to see how when we are young we don't care for failure and we simply brush it off and keep pushing forward. Excellent project and great spirit! Awesome work Dwight!

  • I am amazed. Very cool how these guys made this. Admrable work in general.
    @nedium, @bret and @mman: nobody is saying that it may be new concept or design. The other project you mentioned, the tiles don't communicate to each other and you need a 'mothership' to load data into each tile and the total size is limited by the mothership. Please don't criticize, instead recognize and admire and give credits to the great work.

  • BlueGiga released a couple of months ago the iWRAP4 FW. Do your WT32 have iWRAP4 or 3 loaded? If v.3, do you plan to upgrade them to 4, or ask BlueGiga for an upgrade? For us (users) the upgrade is sort of a pain, since requires an extinct PC parallel port, external circuitry and access to SPI pins. Thx!

  • PresidentOfAwesomeness: I would join this competition if it weren't for the destruction part. I don't like the watch my own things get destroyed.
    I also agree. What's the point on destroying? I also find it so lame the "Does it Blend" philosophy and testing if an iPone or iPad will blend. I like very much SparkFun and love its projects and what they do, but please, don't start now promoting Does it Blend or destruction crusades just to gain popularity. Let's stay creative, it promotes the intelligence.

  • What is the output voltage? Description says "Each cell outputs 3.7 Volts". Is it a 2 or 3 cell battery? Thx!

  • I can't believe that SPARC is creating this mess. Is it because SUN is going down the toilet and laying off people that they need to recoup money by any means??? Sparkfun: screw them! Send them a nice letter including a huge pot of vaseline, for their own fun! Oh! there it is where the copycat is. You guys Sparkfun and they, Sparc having fun with the vaseline!

  • "Nee how maa" (hello in Chinese). Awesome! As you said, like in a candy store. Love it! :)
    On the other side, too sad all that pollution. Even sadder is to think that is 'their' problem only. After all we all are on the same ball of dirt called earth.. :( too bad.
    @Nate/all: I am a HUGE fan of SFE and of working with electronics. Is there something we all can do/start in order to reduce sending stuff to China and build them here in the US? I see the situation now as a great opportunity to bring things back and start something great here reducing the harm to our planet. Comments anybody?

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