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  • I've used these kits to teach logic to small groups - they are great - it really helps when students can get their hands on things and experiment.

    I have a few suggestions for improvements:

    1. It's really easy to plug these guys in upside down, or misalign the pins. It can also be confusing for young students to have three pins at each connection. In order to be able to concentrate on the logic itself, it'd be really helpful to have a connection that can't be plugged in wrong.

    2. Can the back be a different color? I'm considering taking a black marker to the back of my chips. This relates to #1 - I've seen many students plug these in upside down. Having an easy visual guide for which side is right side up makes a lot of sense.

    3. XOR gates - with the addition of two XOR gates, we could build a full adder!

  • I just bought two of these and they are not working - I followed the tutorial John linked, but regardless of the input to "1A" and "2A", "1Y" and "2Y" never go high.

    Edit - nevermind. Forgot to provide power to the controller.

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