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  • I called/left voicemail for Karen Kahn for an interview "regarding sun's insight into issues of trademark infringement". If this had happened a year or so ago I wouldn't of cared. In light of today's economy and the resources need for litigation of this level makes me cringe. I've been following SparkFun for over a year now in the shadows. The information that they have provided has allowed me to explore the field of electronics with out taking upper-division classes. I'm basically innumerate. So any hopes of me becoming a electrical engineer (nor do I aspire to be one) are slim-to-none, but I've always been a electrically curious (and fairly competent) geek. SparkFun is one of the few resources out there that takes out the engineering jargon and puts it into 'normal' people talk.
    David, get out the sling shot and we'll find you some stones.

  • I called Karen Kahn for an interview "reguarding sun's insight into issues of trademark infringement" for my school paper. This should be fun.

  • Sun Worldwide Global Communications Karen Kahn
    VP, Global Communications
    Noel Hartzell
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    Oh, crud I thought I was in gMail. Bad copy paste! Bad!

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