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    A little late, I know, but this may help someone...

    It is possible to get the SparkFun WiFi Shield programmed with the AT command set to work with the pubsubclient mqtt library. Try using the WiFiEsp wifi library; it works fairly well for me. There is an example here.

    Hints: a) The Rx and Tx pins passed to the SoftwareSerial constructor (i.e., the "SoftwareSerial soft(2,3); // RX, TX" line in the example) should be 8 and 9, respectively (assuming the shield is set to SW UART). b) If you get errors about LOGDEBUG(), etc. not being defined then make sure you have the compiler include directory list correct. If all else fails, hack the '#include "utility/debug.h"' lines in <wherever your WiFiEsp code is>/src/utility/*.cpp to be '#include "debug.h"'.

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