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  • I like the idea, an extension of this could be a Solar charger for embedded/outdoor applications, especially with the electron. Kind of a particle sunny buddy, or even a non MPPT version to keep costs down.

  • Got to see these in person at the Makers Faire, I will be exited to pair my photon up with one of these when available. I have a spark core weather station sending data to Weather Underground, but this would be way cleaner than the thing I cobbled together.

  • Thanks for the reply, it is a bit annoying, but glad to hear it's not anything bad happening. I tuned the voltage set potentiometer a bit and it immediately went away.

  • Does the sunny buddy normally make a high pitched whine while charging?

    I just hooked mine up to a 2000mah battery, a 2w panel (~6v, 333mah) with a spark core as the load and the SB board is pretty loud.

    I have tried different, smaller panels and the whine is about the same.