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  • I would disagree. Current mirrors can be very useful for LED drive... but the whole purpose is matching the brightness of two LED strings. You are right in saying that it's not that useful for driving a single string. You also need to design your circuit in a way that you don't burn a ton of power in the transistor (by changing your series/parallel setup of your LEDs).

    Also, as someone else pointed out, emitter degradation resistors help with the matching problem.

  • This is a really expensive breakout board... The part is $3.40 in volume. I understand that breakouts have a markup, but this is a lot.

  • Is their work open hardware? I would like to see if they designed wifi-complaint hardware, or if they just dropped in a module.

    I know it's ridiculously difficult, but how cool would it be to see people designing wifi-compliant hardware?

  • Wow, fairly cheap too!

  • I just contacted Roving Networks... They said they're planning on implementing field programming in the future, with no time frame. Shame.
    Oh well, thank you, Sparkfun, for being the only provider of this part I can find!

  • ...What?
    That doesn't really make any sense. They advertise it as HID compliant... Do they only give it out to companies? I'd rather not pay a $5 premium on software.
    Is it just me, or is Roving Networks nowhere near open enough for hobbyist use? Their website lacks downloads, proper/complete documentation, etc.
    Thanks Sparkfun for making this option available!

  • I agree. It's definitely pointed at a beginner educational institution, because it's not feasibly affordable for anyone else... I wonder what it would take to make a cheap beginner hobbyist alternative?

  • Whaaaaaaaat this is so cool. I've always wanted to make something like this! Great beginner set!
    You should sell the connector kits and have specs for it so that someone (I'd be up to it) could make an Arduino block!

  • Can the regular RN-42 be configured to do this as well? Or is this a necessary buy?

  • Nice shirt!

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