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  • OK, let me try another avenue. I can probably write my own code if I could figure out what the phant library does. The Phant phant command obviously concatenates a string containing the website and the public and private keys. Does phant do anything else? Is there a description someplace?

  • I'm trying to run this on a Mega with a CC3000 shield. I've run the buildtest on the shield and all is working well. BUT, this sketch hangs as soon as

    // Initialize the CC3000 objects (shield and client): SFE_CC3000 wifi = SFE_CC3000(CC3000_INT, CC3000_EN, CC3000_CS); SFE_CC3000_Client client = SFE_CC3000_Client(wifi);

    Firmware is V1.26

    I've installed the SFE library.

    If I run the Connection test example from the SFE library, it hangs after

    SparkFun CC3000 - Connection Test


  • Hi, This example does exactly what I have been looking for, but I own an CC3000 rather than an XBee. I've managed to work around most issues, but cannot see how to perform the tasks in the setupHTTP. Can anyone tell me how to set the destination ip, the port and the ip protocol on a CC3000?

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