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  • I'm wondering if someone has an answer for this: My sketches run a little slower on the Pro Mini than they do on the UNO, and I'm not sure why. Normally it wouldn't be a significant drop, but I'm sending and receiving A LOT of signals per second between multiple Arduinos via serial and infrared light, so even a tiny reduction in speed makes a big difference. Where the UNO performs flawlessly, I'm getting some missed signals here and there with the Pro Mini. Shouldn't the Pro Mini perform exactly the same as the UNO? Maybe it has to do with how much constant power it supplies to the ATMega? I've noticed that the 5V regulator gets VERY hot on the Pro Mini if you give it more than 8.4V, which makes sense because it's so small. Any ideas?

  • I rated a product by stars, but I didn't write anything in the review section. I changed my mind and decided that I want to write out a review after all. I cannot, for the life of me, find any way to do this. It gives me no option to go back and change it. It only gives me the option to edit if I had previously written something.

  • Haha, I was afraid that would probably be the only option. I'll give it a try, thanks!

  • Is there any way to send the audio output through wires instead of using the 3.5mm jack? I'm sending signal to wire inputs on a class-D amplifier, and I don't have enough room to fit a 3.5mm plug. I searched the hookup guide, user guide, and datasheet and couldn't find an answer.

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