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  • Hey - suggestion, if I may...

    The solidity of woodworking projects comes down to the strength of joints. When you put two pieces of wood on top of each other and bolt them together, the strength is the contact friction between the two pieces, and whatever wobble exists between the size of the screw hole and the bolt in it (close to 0 if you use screws). I realize from the desk 1.0 comments you don't want to do mortise & tenon or dovetails/etc, but perhaps I could talk you into this idea:

    Try/imagine this: On the lower side cross-members, mark their outline on the legs, then take off the cross member. Now using the outline, cut a 1/2" notch in the legs so the cross member fits snugly (tighter the better!). Now bolt the cross member back into place and get rid of that silly diagonal piece. ;)

    Also, somewhere I saw you comment about worrying about the wood loosening up after repeated screwing/unscrewing (I write while seeing "mmmmmbed" at top of screen"). You can get steel/brass nuts that you screw into the receiving wood piece, then disassemble/reassemble to your hearts content. HTH HAND :)

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