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  • Hm. So if I understand this correctly, in order to daisy-chain these modules I'd need to buy an STK500-compatible programmmer, solder on headers for the ICSP port for each module, then figure out how to build and flash the firmware on each module using WinAVR. Given the clearance between the backpack and the module, that looks a bit tricky.
    At this point it might be easier for me to just drop out the CS pin on the cables that connect the modules and run it separately to my controller.

  • Thanks Ryan, that's definitely helpful.
    Could you say something about how daisy-chaining the new version of these modules is supposed to work? I had read something intriguing online (can't find it now) about extra bytes beyond the first 64 received being dumped out the DataOut line while the other lines are being passed through. Also, what's the extra VCC line for? If I just do the naive thing and plug them together, they seem to mirror each other.

  • Yeah, both the datasheet and the tutorials on this are pretty out-of-date. Would greatly appreciate a new one - I just bought two and was thinking of buying more, but still haven't quite puzzled out the ones I have. :)

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